VertiFan Protection Screen

Vertifan Protection Screen acts as a fully enclosed perimeter edge protection system.

Providing full height ‘floor-to-floor’ edge protection screening, with a top working platform and fully integrated extra-wide safety net fan.



The Vertifan Protection Screens are now supplied and available from Brisko Metal Resources, available in two types – with platforms or without.

By design and the ability to self climb, the Vertifan can be moved vertically after 1 day of concrete casting, with the main anchors cast into the slab, which provides immediate safe access to the perimeter of the building.

    • Lightweight efficient engineering
    • Integral Extra wide Safety Net Fan attachment to catch any falling materials
    • Full Vertical floor to floor height protection, double layer safety netting + barriers
    • Movement of Vertifan in tandem with slab formwork
    • Full vertical protection screen for follow on trades, e.g perimeter block-work
    • Self Climbing, therefore crane independent
    • Permanent edge access and working platform

The design removes the need for a working perimeter platform as part of the formwork system which traditionally has to be erected and dismantled at each floor casting phase.



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