Self-Closing Handrail Coupler

Self-Closing Handrail Coupler is a handrail coupler designed to prevent the drop bar being left in the open position.

This coupler aids in creating a self-closing barrier, and can accomodate any length of scaffold tube.



The Self-Closing Handrail Coupler is easily fitted onto any scaffolding with a standard double coupler.

Handrail tube is inserted into the handrail coupler and locked by a single bolt. The safety gate forms an integral part of the handrail providing vital security for operatives moving from ladder to scaffolding.

By simple body pressure, the handrail coupler yields, moving inwards and upwards. Once the operative has moved through the gate, gravity will return it to it’s original position, integrated into the handrail.

    • Self-Closing Handrail Coupler
    • Heavy Duty
    • Zinc Plated
    • 1.4kg

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