Meshguard – Edge Protection

Meshguard is the universal safety solution for all edge protection needs, also suitable slab formwork, safeguarding slab edges or as fall arrest barriers on the structure shell.

*Meshguard for FORMWORK also available



Steel Meshguard is now supplied and available from Brisko Metal Resources, manufactured in accordance with EN safety standard: EN 13374 Class A B.

The Meshguard system utilises steel mesh barriers to protect the open edges on concrete, steel and timber structures. With its industry established connection detail, Meshguard delivers speedy assembly with economy and safety in mind.

Components are robust and are powder coated or Galvanized finished for a long life and exposure to extreme weather climates. The use of System Temporary Edge Protection makes a significant contribution to the reduction of falls on site due to ease of use, increased safety and compliance to EN 13374 Class A & B.



TSS Meshguard 2585 - TD Sheet
02 Tech Spec - Socket Post
01 Tech Spec - Mesh Guard
TSS Socket Post - TD Sheet
TSSMG - C 01-00
TSSMG - C 02-00


TSS Meshguard 2585 - Test Report
TSS Meshguard Class B - Test Report
TSS Meshguard - Certificate of Compliance
TUV Approved Test Report - Meshguard