K-Stage Scaffolding System

K-stage scaffolding system is used globally to provide access within a wide range of industries due to speed of installation, ease of adaptation and n need for loose fittings or parts.

K-stage is quicker to erect than conventional scaffolding as it requires three basic components and eliminates the use of obstructive internal bracing.

Designed featuring a wedge-type locking system that connects standards (vertical tubes) and ledgers (horizontal tubes), in one easy step.

K-stage is available painted, powder coated, electroplated or fully galvanised.




– No loose fittings – no loss of parts – no need for hammers and spanners
– Simple installation complete with all types of accessories including stage brackets, internal corner fillers, ladder transoms and flights of stairs
– Can be configured to almost all types of building sites
– Low maintenance and service costs
– Painted with a rust resistant finish, can also galvanized, powder coated and electroplated
– Manufactured and tested to comply with the EN12811 standard