K-Lock Scaffolding System

K-Lock scaffolding system is a popular choice of scaffolding, manufactured in a prefabricated nature – with no need for loose fittings or parts.

K-lock scaffolding connects standards (vertical tubes) with ledgers (horizontal tubes) and transoms (reinforcement tubes) – at predetermined intervals.

Resulting in a system that is cost effective, quick and easy to install, adapt as per requirements and dismantle.

K-lock is available painted, powder coated, electroplated or fully galvanised.




– Offers greater damage resistance as erected without wedges or moving parts
– Can achieve a bay length ranging from 0.60 to 3.00 meters depending on ledger size
– Faster to erect, dismantle and adapt compared to conventional scaffolding or slab and bridge support systems
– Painted with a rust resistant finish but can also galvanized, powder coated and electroplated
– Manufactured and tested to comply with the EN12811 standard


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