Hot Rolled Steel Coil – (HRPO) Pickled & Oiled

Hot rolled pickled and oil steel coil (HRPO) and steel sheet available from Brisko Metal Resources is suitable for applications that require a clean, good flatness and uniform surface.

Hot rolled steel is generally used in applications where rust proofing is not critical.

Hot rolled, pickled and oil steel coil / sheet is generally flat. The pickling process removes the scale that the hot rolled process creates, after the scale is removed, an oil film is applied which protects against rust.

The process of pickling and oiling the hot rolled steel coil / sheet is known as the finished product – HRPO steel coil or steel sheet.




Our 24hr UK facilities based in Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich are equipped to globally supply a wide range of steel and aluminium products. Bespoke and custom requirements are also available, in any quantity required.


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