Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil – (GI Coil)

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Hot dipped galvanized steel coil / steel sheet (GI Coil) available from Brisko Metal Resources, is generally used when a rust-resistant finish is required and ultraviolet light protection.

Hot dipped galvanized steel coil / steel sheet can be integrated easily with other materials, alongside providing an aesthetically pleasing, smooth finish.

This type of steel coil / steel sheet is produced using a hot dipped galvanized process, that involves coating the steel with a zinc layer. Providing a barrier that protects the steel against environmental factors such as rust.

The final finish is applied by an additional process of passing the steel through a high temperature, molten bath of zinc.

Galvanized steel products are commonly used within industries and sectors including; construction, agriculture, pipe and tubular. Alongside many types of automotive and finish critical sectors – that also require rust resistance and a high quality finish.




Our 24hr UK facilities based in Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich are equipped to globally supply a wide range of steel and aluminium products. Bespoke and custom requirements are also available, in any quantity required.

1 review for Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil – (GI Coil)

  1. David Stokes

    Good lads here.they don’t mess about in getting you in and out asap. Takes longer to get your paper work than it does to get loaded.

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