Cold Rolled Steel Coil – (CR Coil)

Cold rolled steel coil (CR Coil) / steel sheet available from Brisko Metal Resources, is generally used for applications where a better surface finish is required alongside more control over shape, dimensions and thickness. 

Cold rolled steel is produced at room temperature – below the steel re-crystallization temperature. This results in better control over aspects such as the dimension, thickness and finish of the steel.

Cold rolled steel is often opted for when surface finish is critical, strength and dimensional tolerances.

A wide range of sectors and applications use cold rolled steel products, including; construction, home appliances, components for electronics and hardware. Alongside, metal types of furniture sectors and automotive components – to name just a few.




Our 24hr UK facilities based in Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich are equipped to globally supply a wide range of steel and aluminium products. Bespoke and custom requirements are also available, in any quantity required.

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  1. Iain McAuley

    Guys are brilliant, always going the extra mile. Being a small business who rely on good communication I can highly recommend all the guys here.

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