Cast Iron Products

Cast Iron products available from Brisko Metal Resources are available in any quantity or bespoke requirement.

Suitable for construction, water and electricity networks, roads and highways

Cast Iron products range from; valves and castings to scaffold castings, cage liners and pipes.

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Cast Iron products manufactured by Brisko Metal Resources include;

  • – Iron & Aluminum Pinch Valves
  • – Diaphragm Valves
  • – Handwheel Valves & Bonnets
  • – Bearing Housing Castings
  • – Side Arm Castings
  • – Flanges & Connecting Pipes
  • – Tuyere Bodies with adapter, and drop cage liners
  • – Concrete Mixer Castings
  • – Grid Castings
  • – Scaffold Castings

Our 24hr UK facilities based in Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich are equipped to globally supply a wide range of steel and aluminium products. Bespoke and custom requirements are also available, in any quantity required.


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