Structural Steel – Applications

We supply and manufacture SHS, RHS and CHS Structural Steel Hollow Sections, Merchant Bars and Steel Beams. Structural Steel products we manufacture are available in any required specification or quantity.
Structural Steel – Applications

Brisko Metal Resources specialises in Structural Steel products ranging from; Hollow Sections and Steel Beams to Merchant Bars.

All Structural Steel products we manufacture and supply are available in any required specification and quantity. 

Brisko Metal Resources are fully accredited EN and ISO 9001:2015 manufacturers of steel. Specialising in wholesale steel supply and bespoke specifications. Dispatched efficiently – to any global location.


Hollow Section Structural Steel supplied and manufactured by Brisko Metal Resources are available in various types; 

  • SHS (Square Hollow Section)
  • CHS (Circular Hollow Section)
  • RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section)

All steel SHS, CHS & RHS products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 10219 UK and European regulations and legislation.

Structural Steel Hollow Sections are used commonly within; construction, offshore, oil and gas, agriculture, utilities and roads and highways industries. 

Various grades, sizes and thicknesses available, custom and bespoke options also available.


Structural Steel Beams we supply and manufacture are available in a wide range of standard specifications, bespoke and custom options, are also available. 

Structural Steel Beams are mainly used within the construction industry, in the form of steel beams.

Providing structural support to buildings, while the web of the beam provides resistance to shear forces, such as; breaking, tearing apart, or collapsing the flange resists bending of the section.

Merchant Bars manufactured and supplied by Brisko Metal Resources, are available in flats, rounds, steel angles, squares, strips, channels – almost any form, size or specification.

Standard types of Merchant Bars available include;

  • Angle Bars
  • Flat Bars
  • Round Bars

Merchant Bars are generally used in structural applications that involve; welding, bending, punching and forming and are commonly found in floor and roof joists, walkways and railings.