Pipe & Tube – Applications

Brisko Metal Resources specialises in steel fabrication, manufacturing and supplying a diverse range of pipe and tube solutions. Working to provide our customers with reliability of supply, available in any required quantity.
Pipe & Tube – Applications

Brisko Metal Resources is open 24hrs a day, running eight production lines – dedicated solely on the production of tubes and pipes. Producing over 150,000 MT of welded steel tubes and line pipes – every year. 

All Tubes and Pipe products we manufacture and supply are available in any required specification and quantity. 

Brisko Metal Resources are fully accredited EN and ISO 9001:2015 manufacturers of steel. Specialising in wholesale steel supply and bespoke specifications. Dispatched efficiently – to any global location.


Steel Pipe or Steel Tube treated with red primer is available with various tube end options, including; plain, socketed or threaded. 

Medium Red Primer Steel Pipe or Tube is commonly known as gas list. Used within applications such as; fire sprinkler systems, fuel lines and low-pressure fuel oils. 

Heavy Red Steel Pipe is also known as steam pipe, is typically used on low-pressure steam installations. 

Red Steel Tubes and Pipes are most commonly used within; heating, plumbing, gas and fuel industries. Various standard lengths available, alongside bespoke and custom requirements. 

Galvansied Steel Tubes and Pipes we manufacture and supply are available in a variety of standard sizes, custom and bespoke options are also available.

Galvanised Steel Pipe / Tube is typically used within construction industries – where a rust resistant finish is critical.

Galvanised Steel Pipes and Tubes we manufacture are treated with a protective zinc coating, providing rust resistance and a longer lifespan.

We supply and manufacture a wide range of self-colour tubes and pipes, available in any required specification or quantity. 

Various standard sizes available, alongside bespoke and custom options.

Self-coloured Steel Pipe or Tube is generally used within construction industries in cases where the tubes or pipes are not likely to be seen, and the finish is not critical. 

Self-coloured Steel Tubes are also commonly used within scaffolding sectors in conjunction with scaffold fittings, providing access when working at height is required.

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures and supplies Steel Handrail options in a wide range of ready-made lengths. Onsite cutting and processing is also available, alongside various mass and thickness combinations.

Handrail Steel Tubes we manufacture and supply are generally used within applications such as; stairways and railings, industrial machine parts, indoor and outdoor furniture.