Merchant Bars: Manufacturer & Competitive Supplier

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Merchant Bars: Manufacturer & Competitive Supplier

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures and supplies a wide range of merchant bars, supplied to customers nationally and internationally at competitive prices.

Our UK based steel stockholder and distribution centers supply and manufacturer a wide range of steel products, merchant bar products being one of them.


What Are Merchant Bars?

Merchant bars are used to build various types of products, manufactured and supplied in various types including; round bars, flat bars, square bars, equal angles, unequal angles and channels.

Generally used in structural applications that involve welding, forming, bending and punching. Merchant bars are commonly used in floor and roof joists, walkways and railings.

Round, square, flat and angled merchant bars are the most commonly used for steel applications and fabrication.

Flat Merchant Bar

Flat bars are flat, sold bar sections of steel generally used by fabricators from everything from construction and mining infrastructure to storage and transport.



Square Merchant Bar

Square bars, also known as ‘squares’ are solid square steel sections that range from 10mm upwards. Most common applications include door frames, architecture and balustrades.



Round Merchant Bar 

Round bars, also known as ’rounds’ are solid circular steel bar sections that range in size from just a few millimeters thick upwards. Applications round bars are used in range from tent pegs up to car axles to name just a couple.



Angled Merchant Bar

Angled bars can be equal angel or unequal, both are right angled, however unequal sections are manufactured with a different sized axis’ making them L-shaped. Due to this. unequal sections are up to 20% stronger, with a much higher strength to weight ratio.


Merchant Bar Manufacturer

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures all commonly used types of merchant bars, alongside; beams (IPE) and channels (PFC).

All Merchant Bar products are manufactured in accordance with EN standards, with a steel grade of S275JR. Merchant Bar products we supply are available in any required size, tolerance, grade and quantity.

Grades – Cold-Rolled Bright Steel Bars:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Boron and Low Alloy Steel
  • Free Cutting steel

Available Size Ranges: 

  • Flat: Various Sizes Available
  • Round: Various Sizes Available
  • Square bars: Various Sizes Available
  • Equal Angles: 20 x 20 x 2.00 –150 x 150 x 10mm
  • Unequal Angles: 100 x 75x 8 mm – 200 x 100 x 15mm
  • Beams (IPE): Various Sizes Available
  • Channels (PFC): Various Sizes Available

Available on Request:

Merchant Bar products manufactured and supplied by Brisko Metal Resources are available in any required size, tolerance or grade.


Competitive Steel Supplier & Stockholders

As one of the UK’s leading, cost-competitive steel stockholders we manufacture and supply a wide range of steel products, including;

All products we supply are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 regulations and legislation. Supplied to customers with a range of finishing options available, where applicable.

We provide a national direct delivery service and international export, catering for our global customer base, with cost-competitive prices and reliability of supply – guaranteed.



Get a Quote for Merchant Bars

If you’d like to discuss Merchant Bar products your project, company or fabrications require Contact Brisko on 0208 974 6923 or email us at –

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