K-Ring Scaffolding: Soon to be Available from Brisko

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K-Ring Scaffolding: Soon to be Available from Brisko

As leading UK steel stockholders, Brisko Metal Resources specialize in the supply of steel, aluminium and metal products.

As suppliers and UK steel stockholders, our Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich facilities competitively supply a diverse range of industrial steel products and access scaffolding, delivered nationally and internationally.

Our UK manufacturing and dispatch centers will soon be supplying the popular K-Ring system scaffolding. Our own accredited equivalent of the commonly known – Ringlock system.


K-Ring Scaffolding (Ringlock)

Over recent years Ringlock has became a popular choice when it comes to modular scaffolding systems.

Kwikstage and Cuplock for many years have been the two types of modular scaffolding commonly used, with Ringlock now becoming one of the most popular.

Ringlock can be used in all types of sectors and industries, featuring flexibility due to design – that surpasses both Kwikstage and Cuplock systems. Ringlock is a low-maintenance system being robust in design and fully galvanized in finish.

Ringlock is designed with a central rosette type ‘ring’ that provides flexibility with the ability to cater for complex geometries in building shapes, and areas that require scaffolding to gain access.

Ringlock, much like Kwikstage (K-Stage) and Cuplock (K-Lock) is a prefabricated scaffold system. Consists of pre-made components, each designed for a specific purpose and location – with quick installation and ease of adaptation in mind.

The Ringlock system or K-Ring, as supplied by Brisko provides the scaffolding and construction industry with a unique and problem solving alternative to Kwikstage and Cuplock.


K-Stage and K-Lock Scaffolding

Each type of modular scaffold have their own features and benefits.

Kwikstage has been regarded as the most cost effective modular scaffold due to being a painted system. Kwikstage offers the benefits gained by all types of pre-fabricated scaffolds, being quick and easy to install with wedge type connections.

Cuplock also offers the modular systems quickness and ease of adaptation, alongside being regarded as a more robust system than Kwikstage due to the ‘cup’ type central node connection points designed into the system. Cuplock is a fully galvanized system that requires far less maintenance than painted Kwikstage systems do.

Brisko Metal Resources supplies both Kwikstage (K-Stage) and Cuplock (K-Lock) systems, available to customers nationally and internationally.

Our UK distribution center and fabrications factory guarantees competitive prices on any quantities required.


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We will soon have K-Ring scaffolding available for supply, if you’d more details on K-Ring or to receive a quote for Kwikstage, Cuplock or Tube and Fitting scaffolds.

Contact Brisko Metal Resources for a competitive quote, delivered to any required location. Email us at – sales@brisko.co.uk or contact us on – 0208 974 6923.