Steel Hollow Sections: What is CHS, RHS and SHS?

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Steel Hollow Sections: What is CHS, RHS and SHS?

Steel hollow sections also known as structural steel tube and hollow structural sections (HSS) is a type of steel that is formed into a hollow tubular section.

Steel hollow sections are commonly used in welded frames, columns and as beams providing various benefits to a range of construction and mechanical applications.


What is RHS, CHS and SHS?

Steel hollow sections (structural steel tube) are categorized into three main types RHS (rectangular hollow sections), SHS (square hollow sections) and CHS (circular hollow sections).  Each type of hollow section has its own attributes, used for a specific purpose.


CHS – Circular Hollow Sections: For Aesthetics and Strength 

Circular hollow sections (CHS) was the first form of hollow section. Commonly used in a wide range of structural, mechanical and construction areas.

The clean, consistent lines, lack of any protruding edges and smoothness of CHS make it a popular architectural choice for aesthetic appearances in a variety of applications.


RHS – Rectangular Hollow Sections: For Economy and Strength 

Rectangular hollow sections (RHS) is a popular choice for mechanical, structural and construction applications. This is due to the flat surface resulting in a structural solution that is more economical for joining and various other types of fabrication works.

Due to the rectangular shape of this type of hollow section, when joining to other flat surfaces sections only need to be straight cut. RHS requires minimal edge preparation for welding or joining.

RHS can also be used for architectural aesthetics due to possessing clean lines alongside structural strength.


SHS – Square Hollow Sections: For Symmetry, Balance Strength and Aesthetics 

Square hollow sections (SHS) is another popular type of structural steel tube that’s kind of a middle-man between RHS and CHS in terms of attributes, appearance and structural behavior.

SHS features a flat surface that’s also economical for joining and welding, with clean lines and minimal edge preparation required.

SHS also features attributes of CHS, with its symmetrical appearance, formed in equal-sided square hollow sections – as opposed to circular sections.

SHS provides an ideal balance between strength, functionality and aesthetic appearance for a multitude of applications that require all three aspects.


Steel Hollow Sections: Manufacturer and Distributor.

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of Cold Formed Steel hollow sections:  RHS. CHS and SHS supplied in a range of sizes, lengths and grades.

Available Size Ranges:

— 21.30 OD to 323.9 OD in Circular tubes
– 20 x 20 – 250 x 250mm in Square Sections
– 40 x 20 -300 x 200 in Rectangular Sections

Thickness Range : 1.50mm to 12.50mm.

Available Lengths:

– 6 metres, 7.50 Metres and/or 12 metres standard
– Any length made to order

Standards of Manufacturing and Grades:

– Structural steel Hollow Sections to EN 10219: 235JRH, S275J0H, S275J2H, S355J0H, S355J2H

– Fine grain structural steel Tubes to EN10219 in Steel Grades S235 , S275 and S355.

– Pre-Galvanized Tubes and Sections to EN10219 from Steel Grade DX51 Z180 – Z275.

– Hot Dip Galvanised tubes for Structural Application to EN10219 in various steel Grades.


Available on Request:

– Custom sizes and thicknesses
– Different grades
– Removal of inner welding seam

– Special profiles and fixtures
– Special Radii etc


For further details and specifications please see our Steel Hollow Sections Data Sheet or product details.



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