Steel Coil Suppliers & Steel Sheet: Brisko Metal Resources

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Steel Coil Suppliers & Steel Sheet: Brisko Metal Resources

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures and supply steel coil available in various types, supplied at competitive prices.

Steel Coil Suppliers

Steel coil is a steel product such as steel sheet that has been coiled into a roll after production. Steel coil is used in a wide range of applications by various sectors and industries.

Our UK and international manufacturing and steel distribution centers produce and supply all popular types of steel coil / steel sheet.


Galvanized Steel Coil (GI Coil) 

This type of steel coil / steel sheet is manufactured and produced using a hot-dipped galvanizing process.

This process involves applying a zinc layer coating which provides an anti-rust barrier that protects the steel. The final finish is applied by an additional process of passing the steel through a high temperature, molten bath of zinc.



Cold Rolled Steel Coil (CR Coil) 

Cold rolled steel coil / steel sheet is another popular type of steel produced in sheets and coiled into rolls after production.

This type of steel is produced at room is produced at room temperature – below the steel re-crystallization temperature. Manufacturing the steel using this process permits better control over thickness, dimension and the overall finish of the steel.



Hot Rolled Steel Coil (HR Coil) hot rolled steel coil

Steel supplied as hot rolled steel coil is also a popular choice of steel for many industrial sectors. Produced using high temperature processes that are above the steel re-crystallization temperature, providing the steel the ability to be rolled into a variety of shapes.

Hot rolled steel coil / sheet can be additionally processed to defend against rust, scale and inorganic contaminants with pickled, oiled and pickled-dry surface treatments.



Hot Rolled Steel Coil – (HRPO) Pickled & OiledHot rolled steel coil - hrpo

This type of steel coil / steel sheet is generally used in applications that require a uniform, clean and good flatness of surface – that don’t require rust protection.

Produced the same way as hot rolled steel coil with an additional pickling process conducted. This process removes scale created by the hot rolled process, after the scale is removed, an oil film is applied which protects against rust.



Steel Stockholders and Manufacturers

Brisko Metal Resources based in the UK have two main distribution and stock-holding centers located in Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich. Brisko Metal Resources provides customers with a range of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron products. Including;

Our global group consists of manufacturing and dispatch divisions dedicated quality steel products and competitive steel supply, nationally and internationally. Our UK facilities also have the ability to provide a range of finishing and cutting options, available as per customer requirements.


Get a Quote

If you’d like to a quote for any type of steel coil manufactured, supplied and available from Brisko Metal Resources. For a cost-competitive quote on any quantity required contact us on – 0208 974 6923 or email us at –


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