Hollow Section Steel Supplier and Global Manufacturer

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Hollow Section Steel Supplier and Global Manufacturer

As a national and international hollow section steel supplier and manufacturer, Brisko Metal Resources specialises in large quantity supply – available at competitive prices. 

When it comes to hollow section steel, also known as box section or structural steel – there are hundreds of different variations and types. Available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and specifications.


Types of Hollow Section Steel

Hollow section is basically hollow steel tube that is categorised into three primary types; square tube, circular tube and rectangular tube.

Hollow section steel or ‘box sections’ are sections of cold rolled steel that are formed into a hollow tubular sections. These sections are then formed further – into either a circular, square or rectangular tube. Each type of hollow section has their own unique attributes and suitable applications.


RHS – Rectangular Hollow Section 

Rectangular hollow section is generally used in construction, mechanical and structural applications. One of the main attributes of RHS is the flat surfaces on all sides. This permits RHS sections to be easily welded and fabricated together, as well as providing strong structural support.

Hollow Section Steel Supplier


SHS – Square Hollow Section

Square hollow section is considered much more of a ‘universal’ type of steel tube due to its wide range of attributes, structural strength ability and flush aesthetic appearance. SHS features flat, symmetrical edges – as opposed to RHS, which has four different sized edges due to the rectangular shape.

Square hollow sections are easily welded together, and don’t require much edge preparation. Making it an ideal choice for a multitude of applications that require;

    • Structural strength
    • Aesthetic value
    • Robust durability

Hollow Section Steel Supplier


CHS – Circular Hollow Section

Circular hollow sections are also a common and popular choice throughout many industries ranging from construction and access to structural, mechanical, and manufacturing. CHS features incredible structural strength and a flat, smooth surface – without any protruding edges. Which makes circular hollow section aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for many types of applications.

Hollow Section Steel Supplier


Steel Hollow Sections – Applications

Hollow section steel is most commonly used within steel welded frames and columns. Due to the immense structural strength hollow sections provide, they are also often used as steel support beams.

Hollow section steel is often referred to as structural steel due to being the ideal choice for construction and manufacturing. Some of the most common uses of hollow section steel are;

    • Building and Structures
    • Scaffolding and Access
    • Trusses and Platforms
    • Gates and Railings
    • Fences and Guardrails
    • Heavy Plant and Machinery
    • Many Types of Furniture
    • Hydraulic Platforms

Hollow sections have so many diverse uses, ranging from steel frames for buildings and products, to being used for structural support and aesthetical appearance – as seen on many of todays impressive buildings and structures.


More Details

Brisko Metal Resources are a main global manufacturer and hollow section steel supplier. We can offer a range of finishes including; lightly oiled, self colour, painted (blue, black, red) or hot dipped galvanised.

If you’d like more details or to arrange a quote for hollow section steel supplied and manufactured by Brisko Metal Resources. Contact us on – 0208 974 6923 during business hours, or email us at – info@brisko.co.uk.


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