Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Steel Coil - Main Differences and Uses

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Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Steel Coil - Main Differences and Uses

As a main global distributor of steel and manufacturer Brisko Metal Resources supplies a wide range of steel products, including various types of steel coil.

Steel comes in many different grades, finishes, specifications and shapes – the World Steel Association lists over 3,500 different grades of steel, each type has their own unique and specific properties.

Steel is widely used throughout a wide range of industries and applications due to so many different types being available.

The main difference between hot rolled and cold rolled steel – is the process.

    • Hot Rolling – is a process carried out using heat, steel has been roll-pressed at extremely high temperatures
    • Cold Rolling – are processes that are conducted at or close to – room temperature, making the steel harder and stronger than hot rolled steel


Hot Rolled Steel Coil (HR Coil) hot rolled steel coil

Hot Rolled Steel Coil (HR Coil), also known as steel sheet is roll-pressed at over 1,700˚F. This high temperature is above the re-crystallization temperature of most steels. Which results in hot rolled steel being much easier to form and work with.

Hot rolled steel is generally used in applications where specific dimensions are not crucial, such as; construction, groundworks and civil engineering.

Hot Rolled Steel is identified by the following characteristics;

    • A smooth, scaled surface – these markings are due to the cooling process following extreme temperatures
    • Slightly rounded corners and edges – often seen on steel plate and bar products, this is due to shrinkage when cooling and less precise finishing
    • Minor distortions – this is caused when cooling and may result in slightly trapezoidal forms, as opposed to perfectly squared angles


Benefits of Hot Rolled Steel

The manufacturing and finishing process of hot rolled steel is far less than what is required for cold rolled steel, which makes it a lot cheaper to produce and purchase.

The cooling process of hot rolled steel is done at room temperature, meaning the steel is essentially normalized and free from any internal stresses that can result from work-hardening or quenching processes.

Hot rolled steel is most suitable and ideal for applications where overall strength is more important than dimensional tolerances and showroom finishes.


Cold Rolled Steel Coil (CR Coil)

Cold rolled steel is another popular type of steel, that is essentially hot rolled steel that has had additional processes conducted.

When manufacturing cold rolled steel, its journey begins as hot rolled steel that’s cooled, then re-rolled while at room temperature to permit more precise dimensions, a better surface quality and finish.

Cold rolled steel basically refers to a wide range of additional process that is carried out to hot rolled steel, once it has cooled – to produce more refined steel products. Process after cooling and rolling also include; grinding, turning and polishing.

Cold rolled steel coil and steel products can be identified by showing the following characteristics;

    • Better surface finish with much closer tolerances
    • Smooth surface, oily to touch and in appearance from certain angles
    • Well defined corners and edges that are a true square, as is the case with square merchant bars for example


Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is a often used in more technically precise applications and where the appearance or aesthetics are important.

Cold rolled steel of any type, whether that be steel coil, sheet, merchant bars or hollow sections, are typically stronger than hot rolled steel.

Cold rolled steel is higher in cost to produce and purchase, because of the additional processing conducted.

Cold rolled steel is generally the option chosen for commercial sectors and applications where the steel will be seen, and the finish and ‘look’ is important.


Steel Coil – Global Manufacturers and Suppliers

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures and supplies various types of steel coil. Hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel are some of the most common types we produce in the UK and distribute to our global customer base.

We also produce and supply Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel Coil (HRPO) and Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Coil (GI Coil).

Our 24hr UK facilities based in Kingston Upon Thames and Ipswich are equipped to globally supply a wide range of steel and metal products. Bespoke and custom requirements are also available, in any quantity or specification required.



More Details

For more details on any of the steel products manufactured and supplied by Brisko Metal Resources, contact us on – 0208 974 6923 during business hours, or email us at –


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