Applications of Aluminium Extrusions | Manufactured by Brisko

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Applications of Aluminium Extrusions | Manufactured by Brisko

Aluminium Extrusion is basically a manufacturing process that makes the most of aluminium’s excellent form-ability.

The Aluminium Extrusion process creates shapes by heating billets of aluminium alloy to soften them. Then by forcing the heated alloy with a hydraulic press or ram under high pressure through special steel dies. Resulting in pieces of aluminium that maintain the specific shape of the die.

The end product is known as Aluminum Extrusions, or extruded aluminium products.


Aluminium Extrusions in Construction

The biggest consumer of Aluminum Extrusions or extruded aluminium products is the building and construction industry. Followed globally by the industrial and transportation sectors.

With the construction and building sectors, Aluminium Extrusions are steadily replacing traditional iron, concrete and wooden components. From aluminium railings, staircases and panels to aluminium framing components.

Other applications within this type of industry range from prefabricated windows and doors, to curtain walling systems, decking and canopies. Atrium’s and arches, geodesic domes and even bridge decks.

The formwork sector is also one that has rapidly grown to use extruded aluminium products for steel frames, brackets and connecting components. Aluminium structural components are receptive to top-grade architectural coatings which help in further value-addition.

The uses for Aluminium Extrusions in construction are endless, offering much more than just weight saving attributes. The end product can be manufactured to incorporate additional features in fixings, channels, and interlocking systems that preclude the need for additional parts.


Due to the conductivity and heat properties of aluminium alloy, extruded aluminium products are also suitable for use within nuclear reactors.

That’s not all, Aluminium extrusions are also being used for making components of the international space station.


Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturer

Brisko Metal Resources manufactures and supplies Aluminium Extrusions, fabricated and designed to meet the exact specifications and requirements of our customers. Various design and loading capacities are available, alongside bespoke requirements – manufactured as per customer needs.

We manufacture and supply any type of extruded aluminum product required. Including being equipped to produce products ranging from small and large components to trusses and beams.

Our in-house high capacity Aluminium Extrusion press produces more than 700 MT of products per month.



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